Brussels faces “legal guerrilla warfare” from scooter operators 📜

Plus, car sharing booms, the Green Deal gets another signature and nextbike announces...

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 📜 Brussels faces “legal guerrilla warfare” from scooter operators

Brussels has fought to control the shared scooters for months, and has just been dealt another setback. The city published tender results in December, limiting the number of operators from nine to two (Bolt & Dott), and the number of scooters from 21,000 to 8,000. In the aftermath, Lime and Voi appealed to keep operating until their licences expired, and won.

Last Thursday, the Council of State released their ruling on Bodaz and Gliize’s contests against the decree; all excluded operators could now, should their permit still be active, redeploy their fleets.

Elke Van den Brandt, Brussels’ Minister of Mobility, stated that “we are very disappointed to face legal guerrilla warfare on the part of operators”. However, the Minister did appreciate the Council’s validation of Brussels’ new parking reforms, which should help to control the now-larger fleet of scooters on the city streets.

 🚗 Car sharing accelerates, but acquisitions lean on the brakes

Free-floating car sharing is going from strength to strength. But is the profitability of the mode still an issue?

All the details are in Fluctuo’s 2023 Annual Review, plus:

🇪🇸 Madrid remains the capital of free-floating car sharing outside of Germany, making up 40% of cars in the region

🏃‍♂️ The biggest cities aren’t always the best suited to car sharing; Zity’s exit from Paris shows just this

💵 Ferrovial announced plans sell their 50% stake in Zity

🤝 Share Now Hungary rebranded as wigo after acquisition by AutoWallis

💡 City Dive Insight

This week, we are focusing on the Norwegian scooter market. Cities across Norway have…

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Citiz | 🚗 (11)
Expansion in Strasbourg (FR) 

Cyclovis | 🛴 🚲
Expansion in Soissons (FR)

Dott | 🛴 🚲
Launch in Jeselo (IT)

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Brussels (BE) | City lifts cap number of scooter operators, but drop zones remain compulsory.

Gothenburg (SE) | Västtrafik, the city’s public transport operator, tests a new digital map which helps customers access all the shared mobility offers in the city.

Loon Op Zand (NL) | Potential bike operator drops out, citing financial reasons.

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Beam announces a 36% increase in gross revenue in 2023.

Collaborative Mobility UK releases report on UK bike sharing over the past year, recording a 24% increase of trips per day.

France’s Minister of Industry pledges €55m towards the French cycling industry, with a goal of 2m bikes assembled in France by 2030.

IDNow interviews Fluctuo’s Sébastien Marteau about the car sharing market in France and the decarbonisation of urban mobility.

Lime CEO Wayne Ting talks with Bloomberg Technology about the meteoric rise of shared mobility.

University of Edinburgh research shows a link between cycling to work and better mental health.

Véligo adapts its e-bike rental offer ahead of the Paris Olympic Games.

Vélocéa, the retired bike sharing scheme in Vannes, sells 100+ electric bikes to Vélib.

Voi to offer Northamptonshire residents free scooter rides on polling day.

nextbike announces their split from TIER, who sold them STAR Pedal GmbH in order to focus on private, free-floating services.

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