5 unmissable tenders this April 🎯

Plus, opportunities in France, Hungary, Poland and more

Over the last 4 weeks, we’ve brought you 14 tenders from across Europe.


Here are the 5 must-know tenders right now.

5. Nantes 🇫🇷 ✅

Having stayed quiet since November (announcing the integration of the city’s bike and tram networks), Nantes recently announced the winner of the tender to operate the city’s bike sharing scheme, going to Ecovélo, who are based in Nantes.

The company won the tender on 10/4/24, with a contract value of over €1,500,000. The current scheme stands at around 1,230 bikes.

4. Zielona Góra 🇵🇱 ✅

Second time’s the charm for Orange - they applied to run Zielona Góra’s bike scheme back in 2022, however it took them until April this year to win the tender. Orange’s offer of 1.3m PLN (€301,000) to run the scheme for the season was cheaper than nextbike’s 1.65m PLN (€382,000).

The contract comprises a minimum 350 bikes and 40 stations, replacing the nextbike service in the next 60 days and operating until 30 November.

3. Gothenburg 🇸🇪 ✅

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Central Holland (NL) | 🚗 🚲 🛴 
▪️ Five municipalities in the area now considering car sharing, cargo bike sharing and shared mopeds after a survey.

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