Shared mobility under threat in Italy 🇮🇹

Plus, bikes emerge from the shadow of scooters, ITF releases report on the safety of shared mobility and London fails to...

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🇮🇹 Shared mobility under threat in Italy

Milan has only had one-third of the 6,000 scooters that they hoped for over the last few weeks. After permits were awarded to Bolt, Dott & Voi, only Dott are meeting the requirements stipulated in the tender.

The other 2 operators are struggling to respect the conditions regarding the size of the wheels, and the ability to provide helmets. After failed AMAT road tests, there will be a race to be compliant, or other companies that ranked further down the rankings in the tender may be called up.

Regarding bikes, TIER has dropped out (which makes sense given that Dott is still present with bikes and scooters) - meaning that of the 16,000 bikes wanted to make up the ecosystem, Milan only has 8,000 (Bolt, Dott, Lime, Ridemovi).

Elsewhere, proposed changes to the Italian Highway code could threaten the entire shared mobility market in Italy, putting 1,500 jobs at risk. The bill has yet to be passed, having only been approved by the Chamber.

🚲 📈 Bikes emerge from the shadow of scooters

We’ve been saying it for long enough…

Bikes grew significantly more than scooters in ridership and fleet size last year, with dockless bikes flying, as detailed in our 2023 Annual Review:

📊 Ridership is up 20%, with +54% for dockless services

🚲 TVD for station-based bikes rose to 2.7 

🇫🇷 Scooter operators turned to dockless bikes after the Paris ban, placing them just below London in ridership 


BaGO | 🚲 (24)
Launch of city’s bike sharing scheme in Benavente (PT)

Beryl | 🚲
Expansion, plans to double operations in Leeds (UK) by end of month

Bolt | 🚲 (50)
Launch in Vila Real (PT) 

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Amersfoort (NL) | Despite a recent fleet reduction, vandalism still continues on mopeds in the area.

Helsinki (FI) | City to tackle scooter parking issues as rental season starts up again.

Monheim (DE) | City relaunches shared bike scheme with new locks to combat vandalism.

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Cooltra looks to Roman courts to help with theft problem, as more than 300 helmets are stolen a month, often appearing for sale online.

FREENOW partners with Meili to add car rentals in 9 European markets to their MaaS app.

International Transport Forum announces report on shared mobility safety, finding a 26% decrease in risk for shared scooters.

Motorised personal vehicles, like scooters, given the same road signage rights as bikes in France.

SkedGo continues European expansion with launch across France.

Voi launches Segway electric bikes in Liverpool.

Datafolio partners with Dott, insuring their vehicles in France, Italy and Spain.

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