5 unmissable tenders this March 🎯

Plus, opportunities in Italy, Spain, Germany & Portugal

Over the last 4 weeks, we’ve brought you 22 tenders from across Europe.


Here are the 5 must-know tenders right now.

5. Antwerp 🇧🇪 🟢

The city of Antwerp contacted us to spread the word that they are looking for a new electric scooter operator in the city. Bird’s permit will soon expire, and the city will award an operator with a permit to run a service for between 500 and 1,450 scooters.

Full details can be found here. The deadline to submit an offer is 15th April.

In 2023’s high season, the current operators (Bird, Lime, Poppy) recorded 200,000 trips per month between them.

4. Zwolle 🇳🇱 🟢

Zwolle is looking for a single operator for a bike and moped service from 1st June. The current operators are Check and felyx who each have a fleet of 150 mopeds.

The chosen operator will operate a fleet of 300-500 mopeds, as well as a fleet of 300 electric bikes.

3. Palermo 🇮🇹 🔴

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🇳🇱 🇧🇪 Benelux (3)

🔴 Closed

Enschede (NL) | 🛵 & 🚲
▪️ Permits awarded to Felyx 🛵 and Bolt 🚲
▪️ 5-year contracts

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