Voi takes the South by storm 🌩

Plus, Lime's back in Greece, Dott drops on emissions, and MOBY wins a unique award for...

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🌩 Voi takes the South by storm

The Solent Transport Region encompasses 3 major areas of Southern England; The Isle of Wight, Southampton and Portsmouth.

Beryl has operated a scooter fleet on the Isle of Wight for 4 years, and operated a bike scheme in the Isle, Southampton and Portsmouth for 2 years, reaching up to 515 bikes. Voi has also run scooter fleets in both Southampton and Portsmouth.

However, a recent re-tendering of the region was conducted to limit bike and scooter sharing to one operator - Voi was chosen.

Today, Voi starts its takeover of the South, with the first bikes and scooters arriving on the Isle. Soon its bikes should arrive in Portsmouth and Southampton too. All Beryl parking bays have been transferred to Voi, and all Beryl vehicles are expected to have been withdrawn by the end of the week.


BizkaiBizi | 🚲
Potential expansion to Durangaldea (ES) in 2025

Bolt | 🚲 (60)
Launch in Pula (HR)

Bora! | 🚲 (153)
Launch in Viseu (PT)

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Biscay (ES) | Region’s bike sharing system, BizkaiBizi, reaches 1m trips.

Bollate (IT) | New project creates first bike and car sharing station in the area.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife (ES) | TIER and Dott scooters save 2.4 tonnes of CO2 and travel 22,000km after one month in the area.

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Dott releases their 2023 Sustainability Report, detailing a 20% decrease in CO2 emissions.

MOBY wins Eurobike award for their locking, charging and renting technology.

Prince William is caught on video riding a scooter through Windsor Castle - even the future king likes LEVs.

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