Voi considers quitting London 🛑

Plus, felyx awaits Zwolle decision, Santander Cycles reach 1m trips and Rotterdam overhaul...

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🛑 Voi considers quitting London

Last week, Voi wrote to the Mayor of London to express that London’s current framework for scooter trials is not commercially viable. Scooter parking regulations (including the very limited number of parking spaces available), are making the scheme much less convenient to use.

Scale is also an issue, whilst London’s electric bike scene is exploding: Forest and Lime operate more than 20,000 vehicles combined.

Voi’s CEO, Fredrik Hjelm, mentioned in his letter that a lack of change would force Voi to withdraw their 1,700 scooters.

🛵 Felyx continue in Zwolle awaiting decision

The municipality of Zwolle has allowed felyx to continue operating until a new moped permit holder is decided.

The decision was planned to come into effect on 1st June, but the city council is yet to reach a verdict on which operator will serve the city for the next 18 months.

Having introduced their current moped permits 2 years ago, felyx is the only one left out of the five that started; should they win the new tender, they will increase their fleet from 150 to 300.


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Launch in Sofia (BG)

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Launch in Mechelen (BE)

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Amersfoort (NL) | Car sharing initiative proves much less popular than expected.

Bern (CH) | City named a champion of shared mobility in new study.

Brussels (BE) | The nation’s Good Move plan confirmed as a success, following a 21% drop in road accidents in the city in just one year.

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Barcelona Metropolitan Transport (TMB) launches new transport app integrating shared mobility.

Carsharing Association announce webinar, focusing on how to perfect the partnership between cities and carsharing operators.

Cycling Industries Europe will be talking with bike sharing industry leaders at the Velo-City conference next week, including Fluctuo’s Sébastian Marteau.

Dott offers two 15-minute rides to get people to EU election polling stations. Superpedestrian, Lime & others run similar campaigns.

GreenMobility celebrates 3 consecutive months of profitability.

NAVEE unveiled their new AI-powered vehicle module at MicroMobility Europe.

Surf Beyond reveal journey to acquiring Superpedestrian within 3 years.

Vay delivers the first remote controlled cars in Europe, starting in Belgium.

Santander Cycles reaches 1,000,000 trips in London, and offers free rides on every Sunday in June.

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