Scooters keep pushing forward in the UK 🛴

Plus, Bolt doubles down on Spain, shared mobility injuries are on the decline, and pony announce that 1 in 2 French people...

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🛴 Scooters keep pushing forward in the UK

Northampton’s scooter trial was originally supposed to finish at the end of this month, but has been extended until May 2026.

Despite previous concerns surrounding safety, Northamptonshire Council’s Cabinet has assured that it will hold Voi accountable to operating requirements, including new restricted zones and new no-parking zones.

Voi won a similar extension in Liverpool, however both cities have faced criticism from residents about the service’s presence. Nevertheless, this is the proof that the cities want the schemes to continue, and UK legislation continues to stand in the way of progress.

🇪🇸 Bolt doubles down on Spain

Bolt announced plans to expand in Spain last week, with a focus in Andalusia. The Estonian company plans to invest up to €7 million over 3 years on shared bikes, scooters and vehicle charging stations, with the aim to increase the current Bolt fleet in the country by five times.

Bolt currently operates in 4 Spanish cities (Zaragoza, Malaga, Barcelona and Oviedo), yet plans to also launch in Seville, Cadíz, Bilbao and the Canary Islands.

📈 Car sharing is on the rise

Car sharing had a very strong 2023, recording a fleet growth of 25%, and a 39% increase in ridership.

To explore this, we are going to speak to wigo, a car sharing operator in Hungary that is going from strength to strength; Bruxelles Mobilité, the city that recorded the 2nd highest growth in car sharing trips in 2022; and IDnow, a company specialising in ID verification to speed up the user onboarding process.


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Badajoz (ES) | City Council urged to regulate scooters in the area.

Bolzano (IT) | Mayor bans scooters from the Municipality building due to safety concerns.

Flanders (BE) | €450m invested in cycling infrastructure.

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Micro-Mobility for Europe finds that the injury rate for shared mobility has dropped for the third year in a row.

pony announce that 1 in 2 French people use rental scooters or bikes to travel.

Scootervrij, a Dutch action group, finds that the maximum number of shared mopeds is often exceeded in Dutch cities.

Swedish Transport Agency reveals that electric scooter accidents in Sweden are decreasing for the first time.

Voi celebrates reaching 250 million rides on their vehicles, and donates helmets to cycling charity Wheels for All.

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