Ireland hits the ground on two wheels 🛴

Plus, BIT Mobility launches in Naples, the world's first 'Mobility Hotel' is created and Cabify reaches $...

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🛴 Ireland hits the ground on two wheels

Following Ireland’s lift on their electric scooter ban last week, it seems that shared scooters have already hit the nation’s streets.

In a recent announcement, Bolt scooters have already landed, yet what cities they plan to operate in are currently unknown, as well as whether these scooters are actually available to rent. The scooters are compliant with the Irish Department of Transport’s regulations, which include a 20km/h speed limit being set at factory.

🚗 Car sharing’s biggest development yet…

Last Thursday, Fluctuo held a webinar on car sharing, with some of the industry’s leading figures. With the help of IDnow, Brussels Mobility and wigo carsharing, the talk covered the reasons behind car sharing’s recent boom, how to deal with the issue of vandalism, what we can hope to see from the mode in the near future and much more.

Thank you to everyone who came along, especially those who participated in a very lively audience discussion. Catch the whole talk here.


Anytime | 🛵 (60)
Launch in Prague (CZ)

BIT Mobility | 🛴 (350)
Launch in Naples (IT)

Bolt | 🛴
Launch in Ireland (IE)

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Bologna (IT) | City’s bike sharing scheme, run by RideMovi, will soon be free for public transport season ticket holders.

Brittany (FR) | Region sees a 28% increase in bike lane usage in 5 years, ahead of a budget in December intended to promote bike usage.

Gothenburg (SE) | World’s first ‘Mobility Hotel’ opened in Sweden’s largest shopping and business centre.

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Cabify reached $900m in gross revenue last year, 30% than in 2022.

European Commission celebrates World Bicycle Day.

Lime commissions report to tackle London’s bike parking problem, after over 30,000 trips are estimated to be missed every day due to the issue.

Lime partners with social network Meuf to promote safer mobility and fight against harassment with their “Queen of the Tarmac” campaign.

Lime’s Senior Public Policy Manager in Italy disagrees with changes to Italy’s highway code, as well as the idea of using helmets on scooters.

Nextbike confirms the closing of their sale to STAR Capital.

Véligo long-term bike leasing service reaches 100,000 subscribers.

Voi re-launches online safety course for scooter and bike riders.

Bolt shows heat map detailing the demand for Bolt Drive around Tallinn, even whilst on a ferry from Helsinki.

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