Cargoroo’s pleas fall on deaf ears ⛔️

Plus, an update on the Milan dispute, shared mobility is taxed 23x more than personal cars, and Lyon to release a one-of-a-kind tender...

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⛔️ Cargoroo’s pleas fall on deaf ears

In March, Cargoroo went to court to contest Amsterdam’s tender decision, which would limit the number of cargo bike operators to just one.

They claimed that they would quickly run into financial issues as a result of the decision, however the city insisted that “it is not a privilege that, just because you have already done it, you will always keep the permit”

This week however, it looks as if Cargoroo’s plea has been rejected; the operator’s fleet has now been withdrawn from the city, leaving BAQME as the sole cargo-bike operator, to launch this month.

 📜 An update on Milan

Of the top 3 chosen for Milan’s tender, it looks likely that only emTransit (Dott) will remain in the city

Last week, we told you that Lime had gone to court in Lombardy, protesting that two of the operators currently operating in Milan had not conformed to the tender’s fleet requirements, thus forfeiting their place in the city.

This week, it has been confirmed that Bolt and Voi will not continue to operate in the city, and Lime will regain its place. Discussions are also underway with Vento Mobility (TIER), however the city is deciding whether there is a conflict of interest here, with Dott already holding a licence.


beÁgueda | 🚲
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Beryl | 🚲 (225)
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Launch in Santa Marinella (IT)

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Barcelona (ES) | TMB’s new app expands to include shared mobility, most recently Bolt’s bikes.

Bonn (DE) | TIER celebrates 5 years in the city, having completed over 2.3m trips with 190,000 users.

Edinburgh (UK) | Scottish government to invest £320m to reduce car usage by 2030.

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BiciMad celebrates 10 years with more than 38m trips.

Lime’s co-authored report finds that dockless shared mobility is taxed 23x more per mile than personal cars.

TIER celebrates 5 years in Germany, having passed over 16m trips.

Ubeeqo Switzerland becomes Europcar On Demand Switzerland.

Zity celebrates two years, with over 7.5m km travelled in their vehicles.

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