Barcelona's Bicing battle 🇪🇸

Plus, 3 new tenders, RideMovi donates bikes to Ukraine, Lime unveils seated scooter and Uber adds...

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🇪🇸 Barcelona’s Bicing battle

Employees of Bicing, Barcelona’s bike sharing scheme, have announced that they will strike indefinitely, demanding higher pay. This strike will affect residents, as fleet availability will likely decline.

On the flip side, AMBici, the scheme inaugurated in 2023 to serve the wider Barcelona metropolitan area, has reached 1 million trips. Nextbike and AMB plan to expand the scheme further early in 2024.

And speaking of Barcelona…

Catch us at Tomorrow.Mobility (Booth E18)

From today, we’ll be at Tomorrow.Mobility in Barcelona! Find us at Stand E18 in the startup area & catch Sébastien Marteau’s (our CCO) speaking slot at 13:45 on Tuesday 9th.


Aimo | Cars
Launch in Gothenburg (SE)

BUTe | Bikes (20)
Launch in Torres Novas (PT)

Citiz | Cars (2)
Launch in Saint-Genis-Pouilly (FR)

GoMo | Mopeds
Launch in Pescara (IT)

Impregida | Bikes (180)
Launch in Palermo (IT)

Mayn drive | Scooters (20)
Launch in Tours (FR)

Moove Me | Bikes (35), mopeds (50) & scooters (35)
Launch in Vesuvia (IT)

Oowi | Bikes (5 stations)
Launch in Gex (FR)

Remi | Cars
Launch in Cher (FR)

Vel’in | Bikes
Relaunch in Calais (FR)

Vélhop | Bikes (600)
Launch in Strasbourg (FR)


Inurba Mobility | Bikes
Scheme in Helsinki (FI) paused for winter

Nextbike | Bikes
Scheme in Topoloveni (RO) paused for winter

Ridemovi | Bikes
Exit from Seville (ES)

TIER | Scooters
Exit from Oldenburg (DE)

Voi | Bikes
Exit from Kettering (GB)


This new section will show precise information about new, ongoing and upcoming tenders. Opportunities that we have our eyes on in 2024 will be revealed slowly over the course of the next few weeks.  

🔴 Closed

Frauenfeld (CH) | 🛴 (1 x ~200)
▪️ Voi awarded licence after trial
▪️ 2-year contract

GZM, Silesia (PL) | 🚲 (1 x 7,000)
▪️ Nextbike selected
▪️ 7,000 bikes & 900 stations

Hochtaunuskreis (DE) 🚲 (1 x 65)
▪️ Nextbike selected
▪️ Awarded 10/23, launch in 2024

Rome (IT) | 🚲 (2 x 2,500) 
▪️ Dott & Lime selected
▪️ 3-year contract

Worcester (UK) | 🚲 (1 × 225)
▪️ Awarded to Beryl
▪️ 225 bikes (175 electric)

🟢 Open

Arrecife (ES) | 🚲 (1 × 61)
▪️ 61 bikes & 9 stations
▪️ Application deadline 20/11

Leiria (PT) | 🚲 (1x7,000)
▪️ €740,000, 150 bikes & 20 stations
▪️ Application deadline 31/11

Mulhouse (FR) 🚲 (500)
▪️ 1-4 operators, total of 500 bikes
▪️ Application deadline 04/12

🟠 Upcoming & rumoured

Castellón (ES) | Bike tender for 62 vehicles to be released by end of the year. 


Florence (IT) | RideMovi collaborates with municipality to donate bikes to Ukraine.

Glasgow (GB) | Bike for Good, nextbike and CoMo partner in Shared Transport for All project.

Greystones (IE) | Bike sharing scheme in discussion.

Groningen (NL) | Check & Felyx to introduce 400 virtual parking zones.

Madrid (ES) | See.Sense partners with Dott to monitor scooter road safety.

Mainz (DE) | Scooter rules tightened to prevent misuse.

Manchester (GB) | Cycling at high popularity, showing positive steps towards the city’s transport strategy.

Novara (IT) | New urban mobility plan developed; plans to revive bike sharing.

Quinta do Conde (PT) | Sustainable Mobility Plan established to end private car dominance.

Saint-Quentin-en-Yvélines (FR) | Vélostation opens up mobile bike sharing counter.

Strasbourg (FR) | Scooter company Knot plans to transition to bike sharing.

Vinaròs (ES) | €107.5k allocated to improve cycling infrastructure.

Wesel (DE) | Council begins plans to introduce bike sharing scheme.

Zaragoza (ES) | 447 sanctions imposed on scooter and bike riders for violating road traffic rules.


Felyx scooters now fully integrated into MaaS app, Gaiyo.

Glimble begins to offer its MaaS services in Trieste (IT).

Lime announces the launch of its Gen4 Seated scooter.

Micromobility Europe joins call to push national governments to back stricter pollution limits.

OX Drive receives €2.8m in funding to expand its fleet of shared cars.

Ryde and Luna partner to power scooters with ARAS technology.

Voi, Dott, & Lime join other operators urge UK Prime Minister to finalise clear micromobility legislation.

Uber now integrating trains into its platform.

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